Bulk SMS

1. Sign into your Phanerus Account via mobile or desktop computer.

2. Ensure you have bulk sms credits if you don't buy bulk sms

3. Select Compose SMS from the messaging drop down menu.

4. Choose paid (160 characters per page without adverts) or free (110 characters sponsored by ads) sms depending on the how you intend to communicate.

5. Select message type : Not Flash or Flash.

6. Select Country of networks using codes listed.

7. Type sender name (11 charactes max).

8. Compose message by typing.

9. Key in numbers using method1 or method2.

10. Using method1 save numbers in txt or csv file on you desktop and choose file using the web form and upload.

11. Then depending on how numbers where formated on the file choose a delimiter comma for numbers separated by commas and no spaces, semicolon the same and enter key for numbers arranged vertically on file one under the other.

12. Using Method2 type or paste numbers in to textarea seperated only by commas without spaces .

13. After uploading numbers using either method check the box under method 2 if they are in international format leave unchecked if they are not.

14. Click on the continue button to see the scrutinize page.

15. A network breakdown of the good numbers will be seen under the left column and the contacts having erros seen to the right as bad number.

17. Click on the make corrections button to revert to the message compose page and correct spelling or number errors. 18. Click on the Send Message button to send the message.

19. Click on the Save as draft button to save the message for sending at a future date.

20. Click on the schedule message button to automate the message sending for a future date and time.

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